On the first Monday of November, Color the World Orange Day takes place to bring awareness to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is a chronic condition that some people develop after an injury. For some, the condition goes away over time. Others experience severe pain for years and find it hard to function. 
It’s believed that CRPS is caused by damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems. The damage impacts signals between the brain/spinal cord and the rest of the body. If your parents have it, they developed it by the age of 40. It does not often appear once you hit the age of 65. 
How is it Treated?

Elder Care China Grove, NC: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

People who are diagnosed and treated as early as possible tend to have the best outcomes. Ignoring the pain increases the risk of long-term pain. What are the treatments? 
Prescription medications are one option, though there is not a specific medication for CRPS. Medications used for seizures or depression can be helpful. Corticosteroids that reduce inflammation and swelling are also helpful. 
Most patients are advised to try over-the-counter NSAID medications like ibuprofen first to see if those work effectively to reduce the pain. Creams and patches that help ease arthritis pain may also be helpful if prescription medications are a last resort. 
What Will Your Mom or Dad Need? 
If your mom or dad has been dealing with CRPS for years, your family probably understands what needs to be done. Supportive care is important. The pain may keep your parent from being able to carry a laundry basket, walk around, or clean the home. 
Arrange care services that make sure these chores are completed on a regular schedule. If CRPS keeps them from driving, arrange transportation services with an elder care agency. 
What If You’re the One Dealing With Chronic Pain? 
What if it’s you that has CRPS? You’re the main caregiver to your mom and dad, but the pain you experience makes it hard to get anything done. What do you do? 
If you have developed this painful condition following an injury or accident, it may make it impossible to care for your parents. Rather than leave them alone to try to manage, hire elder care aides to help them with things you cannot do. 
Elder care aides offer a range of services from laundry and housekeeping to transportation and errands. While caregivers help out, you can take the time to work with doctors and specialists to find treatments that help ease the pain. 
Don’t put off making this decision. Elder care aides will help you and your parents as you try to heal or find the right pain management plan. Learn more by calling a care specialist. 


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