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Our CarePros are the Heart of TenderHearted

Being a great CarePro is more than just a job to a TenderHearted employee, it’s their passion. This passion shows when you hear testimonials like: “Her service was a true gift from God.”

Our CarePros are run through a complete screening process before they are awarded a TenderHearted shirt and allowed to care for your loved ones. Watch the 1 minute video on the left explaining our background screening process.

Not mentioned in the video, a drug screen and driver license check complete the thorough screening. In addition, all of our CarePros are employees of TenderHearted, so they are bonded, insured, and fully covered by workers compensation insurance.

Comments from TenderHearted CarePros

They actually went through different training, and you could do online courses. They give you a module to go over and read about a clients and their care plans before you would work with them. They do bonuses and pay raises. They do stuff for your birthday. They have monthly things. They did have an appreciation day for their caregivers.- Ebony I

They send text messages a lot saying how much they appreciate us. One lady is going to buy us all frozen yogurt next week. They're very understanding with problems that go on in my life. When I first started, I had a lot of questions, and they weren't aggravated by them. If I needed them to come out and show me something, they were willing to do so. -Sierra L

TenderHearted Home Care Lives Up To Its Name! - As part of the THHC team since before its very first client, I can attest to the vision, integrity and Christian principles on which this outstanding organization has been built and continues to grow. Not only is individualized personal care, dignity and safety of each client the highest priority, but the same level of consideration is extended to the family caregivers and dynamics within the home. Concerns are met as they arise and services are modified and expanded as needs and conditions change. Team members are carefully selected who, in addition to experience and education qualifications, share the goals, vision and commitment of THHC. I will continue to refer my friends and family to THHC, an organization that truly lives up to its name. - Janet I.

Being A Part Of This Family Is Amazing - I have had the pleasure of working with these fine Christian people since they first began THHC. I have seen them grow by leaps and bounds and the care they offer far exceeds that of any I have seen. Being a CNA I can say they treat their employees like family as well as their clients.
They offer a personal touch that cannot be matched. It amazes me how well they are able to fit the perfect caregiver with just the right client.
If I needed home care this would be the place that I would have care for me or my loved one. There is no better place to care for your loved one than this wonderful company.
Nothing can replace the love and care a family member can provide but THHC will take care of you like you are part of their family. I would HIGHLY recommend them for all your care needs. Thank you Renee 🙂 - Amie I.

Proud To Be A Part Of The TenderHearted Home Care Team! - I started working for TenderHearted Home Care a little over a year ago. It began as a part-time job and has developed into a full-time job I truly love and enjoy. The THHC team is made up of dedicated, caring individuals who take pride in providing quality care for senior adults. I am proud to be part of this agency and am blessed daily by Renee Gray's commitment to meeting each client's needs. - Julia B.