If given the choice, most aging adults would choose to stay in their own homes as they age. Known as “aging in place,” seniors would prefer to live where they are comfortable and where they have so many memories. However, many aging adults fear that their desire to age at home won’t happen due to their health. In fact, living at home becomes a real challenge when health issues leave them unable to take care of themselves.

Home Care Service Kannapolis NC - Aging Adults Prefer In-Home Care

Home Care Service Kannapolis NC – Aging Adults Prefer In-Home Care

To live at home, an elderly adult needs to be able to take care of all the daily tasks required to remain healthy, safe and comfortable. Physical limitations like diabetes, a stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and more can rob an aging adult of the ability to do even the most basic tasks. In order to stay in their own place, they are going to need in-home care services on a regular basis. If they are not able to handle the day-to-day tasks on their own, but try to anyhow, they can injure themselves or otherwise affect their health and wellness.

One of the ways that an aging adult can age in place is if they have a family caregiver work with them all the time or even move in. This arrangement is often beneficial to both parties, and it can be a good situation all around. Another solution is for the aging adult to hire a home care services provider, a professional who will assist the senior in all their daily activities. It’s not unusual to have both supporters in an elderly person’s life. The family caregivers can help out when they have the time and the home care services provider takes over when the family caregiver needs to be elsewhere.

Family caregivers can do a lot of things on behalf of the aging adult. They can do housework, prepare meals, grocery shop, do laundry and even do pet care. Home care services providers can also help with self-care, such as getting dressed, toileting and grooming. Home care services providers can even be companions to get the aging adult to engage socially and prevent loneliness and isolation during times when the aging adult would most likely be alone. With a trusted home care services provider, family caregivers know their aging relative is in good hands while they take a break.

Seniors may not like the idea of a “stranger” coming into their home and doing daily tasks for them. However, when they are faced with the idea of having to move elsewhere or have someone move in with them permanently, often they are more willing to give a home care services provider a try. If the aging adult is reluctant, family caregivers can start small and expand the role of the home care services provider over time. Once the aging adult sees how beneficial it is to have a home care services provider in their life, they are usually more than happy to welcome them into their home.

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