When you’re taking care of someone you love it might feel impossible for you to figure out when you’ll get a solid workout in. The result of that is often that you just give up on exercise or even trying to exercise. It’s a lot easier to start developing some habits that help you to move more without worrying about formally exercising.

Take the Stairs

Caregiver Salisbury, NC: Ways to Move More When You’re Strapped for Time

If you have the option, taking the stairs is a great way to give yourself a little more exercise each day. Stairs at home might be a way for you to burn some calories during spare time, especially if you head up and down the stairs more than a couple of times. Out in the world, choosing stairs rather than other options like elevators can give you that little extra boost of movement.

Watch Where You Park
Likewise, where you park makes a big difference, too. If you normally park close to your destination, start parking just a few spots farther away. You can gradually increase that distance until it’s normal for you to park at the back of a lot and walk to your ultimate destination.

Dance Like No One Is Watching
Dancing can make people extremely self-conscious, so maybe an exercise class based on dancing isn’t something you’ll be racing out to find. But at home, you can dance like no one is watching. Turn up some music or put together a playlist that is guaranteed to make you want to move and get grooving.

Stand and Pace When You Make a Phone Call
Phone calls can be another time when you work some movement in without changing too much of what you’re doing. If you make it a habit to stand or to pace when you’re on the phone, that’s going to burn some calories. The alternative, sitting while you talk on the phone, isn’t going to do as much for you.

Try a Fitness Tracker on for Size
There are a ton of different fitness trackers available on the market now and they all basically offer the same features. A fitness tracker is an excellent idea, especially when you’re just starting to move more often, because they give you some solid data about how much you’re really moving. Instead of guessing, you can see actual numbers.

Being just a little bit more active can help you to build up stamina and strength that you need as a caregiver. Try some of these ideas and find other ways to be creative about moving.

Excerpt: You know you need to move more, but who has the time for that?

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