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How is Laughter Important to Overall Health?

Laughter is the best medicine. Multiple studies have found that laughter helps relieve stress. When you laugh, you take in more air, which increases oxygen. That oxygen goes to vital organs like the heart and lungs.

Elder Care Salisbury NC - How is Laughter Important to Overall Health?

Elder Care Salisbury NC – How is Laughter Important to Overall Health?

Laughter Eases Stress

In terms of stress relief, laughter helps the muscles relax. It eases tension that can cause pain. It also helps boost circulation throughout the body. As it turns out, laughter is a very important part of staying healthy.

When an elder citizen is diagnosed with a chronic condition like heart disease or cancer, the stress can be overwhelming. Depression is possible. With laughter, many experts find that it eases the stress and can help keep depression from worsening.

Laughter Helps the Immune System

Another way laughter helps is by stopping the chemical reactions that trigger an inflammatory response. That response can weaken the immune system and make one more susceptible to picking up a virus while out shopping.

Laughter is believed to help your body release molecules that help battle the stress that can trigger the immune system to slow. This can keep you from developing some common illnesses, such as the common cold.

How Can You Make Sure Your Parent Laughs?

Spend time with your mom or dad. Make sure you’re doing things that are fun and inspire laughter. Watch a comedy together. If your parent isn’t likely to sit through an entire movie, put on a sitcom. Go back in time to shows your parent will remember well. Shows like I Love Lucy are full of fun moments that get you laughing.

If television shows and movies aren’t appealing, try the game Apples to Apples. The answers players give can draw plenty of laughter. Charades is another game that can get people laughing.

Head outside and watch the children play. Children have a way of making adults laugh with joy. Seeing them play without fear of others watching will get your mom and dad to laugh.

Pair laughter with a fitness program. It seems odd to some, but laughter yoga is a beneficial class. Not only will your parent socialize, but there’s also the laughter. It can be forced, but as everyone starts laughing, it becomes contagious. After a while, you’re laughing because it feels fitting.

Don’t let your parent remain alone. Hire elder care services and arrange to have a companion around regularly. Elder care providers do more than provide companionship. They can help cook meals, clean the house, and tackle the dirty laundry. Call our elder care agency to find out more about caregivers.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Elder Care Services in Salisbury NC, please contact the caring staff at TenderHearted Home Care today. (704) 612-4132.

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