Misinformation and scams are always out there. Your parents probably get emails or posts shared with them saying things like entering your PIN backward at an ATM alerts the police. Sometimes, these posts sound convincing. How can your parents spot these scams and misinformation and avoid getting caught up in a hoax?

Research Everything

Elderly Care in Thomasville, NC: Scams and Misinformation

Your parents shouldn’t take things at their word. If they get a breaking news report from a friend, they need to search it online. One popular hoax is celebrity death news. If your parents see a friend post that a celebrity passed away, they should find additional sources to verify it’s true.

They should do the same with emails they get for things like quick weight loss products and miracle anti-aging skincare products. They should be in the habit of checking reviews, other sources, and sites like Snopes or Politifact to verify things they read online.

Never Trust Forwarded or Shared Messages

People have a bad habit of seeing a meme or forwarded post on social media and believing it’s true. If your mom sees a post that wearing a face mask causes fungal lung infections, she needs to talk to her doctor for assurance. You could also show her medical studies that prove otherwise.

Know What Spoofing Is

Your dad shouldn’t believe that the email he got from his cousin asking for a loan is truly from his cousin. Just as a number on the caller ID can be spoofed, an email address can also be spoofed.

When something is spoofed, the scammer sends the email or phone call from one address or number and makes it look like it came from someone/somewhere else. For example, he may get an email from his cousin that has his cousin’s email address, but it’s actually a scammer in another country that sent the email out. Software made it possible to fake it.

Do Not Trust a Stranger

Any messages, emails, or phone calls that come from a stranger cannot be trusted. Unsolicited emails are not always trustworthy. Your parents need to verify everything, report spam if they get it, and not open links or install software that comes as an attachment.

If you don’t live close by, elderly care can help your parents with email and phone call management. Elderly care aides are available to match your parents’ needs. You could have caregivers stopping by each day, every few days, or once a week. Call to make the arrangements.


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